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Hellfire Suppression Services Inc. (HSSI) has put many man hours into providing the most up to date equipment in the industry.  We are able to quickly mobilize to any job or emergency around the globe.

Well Control and Emergency Firefighting Equipment:

  • 4500 gpm mobile fire pumpers
  • 1500 gpm mobile fire pumpers
  • 6000 gpm skid mounted fire pumps
  • 350 gpm to 6000 gpm monitor trailers and skids
  • Blowout tool crib
  • Suction and fire hose tubs and packages
  • Dry chem and foam trailers and skids
  • Athey wagon and stinger packages
  • Mobile command center
  • Breathing air trailers and equipment

Fire and Shower Equipment:

  • Mobile fire / shower combo units
  • Mobile shower units
  • Wild lands fire trailers and skids

Special Services Equipment:


Freeze Services:
  • N2 freeze equipment, 2 2/3 inch up to 20 inch on hand
  • Larger pipe sizes are available on short notice
  • Dry ice freezes are able on any pipe size
  • Smaller jackets for coil tubing are kept on hand
 Hot Tapping:
  • Engineered for 35 mPa, sour service drill
  • All clamps are engineered for 35 mPa and sour service
  • All associated equipment is sour service
  • Custom clamp sizes can be machined as needed
  • 15,000 psi rated equipment is available on short notice