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Fire and Shower Protection Services


Hellfire Suppression Services Inc. (HSSI) strives to be an industry leader when providing fire suppression services.  Excellent working relationships with the various service and energy companies, combined with past job experiences, allows us to continually seek out safer solutions to common industry problems.  HSSI understands the risks associated with well stimulation and fracturing operations which enables us to provide services that are second to none.


Fire Protection:

  • Well Stimulation and Fracturing
  • Coil Tubing Clean Outs and Drill Outs
  • Hole Displacements
  • Fluid Transfers
  • Spill Clean Ups

Shower Protection:

  • Well Stimulation
  • Acid Fracturing, Squeezes, and Washes
  • Tubing Pickles
  • Plant and Facility Work
  • Corrosive Chemical Jobs

Fire Suppression Trailers:

  • Drilling Operations
  • Completion and Workovers
  • Spill Clean Up and Remediation Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Dry Grassland or Forestry Conditions
  • Flaring Sites
  • Excavating Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil
  • Tank Cleaning Projects