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Special Services


Through innovative technology, Hellfire Suppression Services Inc. (HSSI) is able to provide clients with solutions to common and specialized drilling, completion and workover, and well servicing problems.


Freeze Operations


HSSI personnel have performed both conventional dry ice and nitrogen well bore freezes involving wellhead tubulars, muilti-casing strings, and coil tubing.

The technique of creating an ice plug for temporary tubing, casing, and wellhead isolation has become an accepted, safe, and cost effective method for allowing valve replacement and general pipe work modifications or repairs.


Hot Tapping Services


HSSI personnel are trained technicians in the process.  Our equipment is all engineered for 35 mPa and sour (nace) service.  HSSI has a large inventory of clamps for commonly used pipe sizes from coil tubing up to larger casing sizes.  HSSI also has the ability to Hot Tap up to 15,000 psi working pressure.

Hot tapping is the process of gaining access to the ID of pipe by drilling a hole in the pipe wall while the internal pressure is present.  The hot tap equipment is suitable for H2S service with pressure capabilities up to 15,000 psi. 


Pneumatic Cold Cutting


HSSI is capable of providing cold cutting services on pipe from 2 inch up to 36 inch in diameter.  This is an intrinsically safe process that can be performed in hazardous environments.  The finished cut can be left with a flat landing surface or a beveled surface that is ready for welding with very little or no surface preparation.